A timeless, aristocratic line of shoes painted like works of art to such an extent that they are destined to become a valuable collector’s item.

The desire for tradition and craftsmanship become reality allowing those who love to set themselves apart from the rest to do so with exclusivity and style

Stefano & Mario Limited is a new limited edition collection of footwear with only 100 pieces of each style available worldwide. The collection features 10 styles: oxford, moccasin, dovetail, loafer with special perforations, blake, blake rapid and goodyear workmanship.

Each pair of limited edition shoes will contain a special handwritten serial number on the fabric insert (1/100, 2/100…100/100) to make the collection even more distinguished.

Only 100 pairs:
The shoes are for the truly discerning. Each stage of production is carried out entirely by hand by master craftsmen using age-old techniques. Hands are put to virtuous use, from cutting to assembly, passing for the stitching of the soles to binding and milling, without resorting to state of the art technologies or special machinery.

The meticulous production techniques used make it impossible to produce more than 12 pairs of shoes per day: it takes approximately 4 weeks to produce the “unfinished” shoe - 15 days during which the shoe must remain in the last, and at least a couple of days for finishing and polishing.

The “finishing” of the shoes defines the collection. The raw natural skin is skilfully “massaged” using a soft cloth daubed in cream: days of patient polishing give the skins their particular colouring that is completely unique - no two pairs of shoes will have the same tone. The shoes are then ironed by hand using a special iron and finally waxed manually using natural wax to make them shiny.

The coloured veins are deep, intense, artistic, just like anoil painting: hues of chestnut, brandy, walnut, hot orange, forest green and mocha create a truly superb pair of shoes.

Special attention is dedicated to the soles that are mottled by hand using a sponge to give them a special red colour that characterises the “limited” range. Studs and the signatures of Stefano and Mario Moreschi are added to give them a luxurious finishing touch.

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