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Philosophy Stemar

Stemar is attention to materials, shapes, details and quality.
Stemar is knowledge, research, enthusiasm and passion for the product.
Stemar are the values of the family, the traditions and the cosmopolitan spirit.

Stemar is a synonym of footwear of high quality, amazing comfort, flexibility and absolute freedom of movement. The evolution of the processes and advanced methods and with respect for the tradition, allow the shoes Stemar combine these incredible features.




The production

The entire production process that leads to the construction of footwear, from design, through to the departments cutting, hemming, mounting up to the application of the fund, takes place inside the company, a condition for the realization of a quality product that needs to meet the expectations of a particularly demanding customers.


The Brand 


Stemar, which is the acronym of Stefano and Mario Moreschi has been synonymous with high quality men's footwear since 1969.

The evolution, which joins the most advanced technologies, always respecting the more traditional methods make the shoes marked with Stemar's a perfect combination of comfort and quality. The footwear by man, still today represent the core business of the Stemar, however, in 1990 Stemar introduced a range of leather belts.


The Company 


All of the shoes from Stemar are manufactured entirely in Italy in the large establishments in the Moorish of Vigevano, where expert artisans are helped by modern technology, but continue with craftsmanship to paying maximum attention and care to quality, running from 250 to 300 different manual steps for every single pair.

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